Quote: Family law is a difficult area; We hope parliament will agree to our reforms and our major review is due soon

“The family law system is a complex and challenging area. The government are deeply committed to ensuring that Australian families have all the support they need, especially at difficult moments in their lives which can occur when they are caught up for long periods of time in the court system. That is why we have proposed the reforms to the family courts that are before the Senate to improve outcomes for families. We have also established the first comprehensive inquiry into the family law system, which is being overseen by the Australian Law Reform Commission. The government will carefully consider the ALRC's report and recommendations once it is delivered on 31 March 2019.”

Liberal Party of Australia 12 Feb 2019


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 TopicProposal to acknowledge family law system's effect on men and get government to do something about it
12 Feb 2019SourceSenate Hansard 12 Feb 2019
12 Feb 2019StatementThe government is doing nothing about family law and child support and should start a Royal Commission