Quote: The government is doing nothing about family law and child support and should start a Royal Commission

“The family law courts and child support are among the biggest issues that come across our desk on a daily basis. The people that we meet on the streets are all concerned about family law court matters and child support. They feel that parliamentarians are not listening to them and their concerns. The family law court also deals with suicides and murders. You say you're doing something about it, but you're doing absolutely nothing about it. It's the same as how you rejected and did not want a royal commission into the banking sector. You refused to have that because of the cost to the people. We have costs of lives there and how people feel about it. How are you going to feel when the people realise how you're going to vote on this—that you are not interested in dealing with the problems of the family law court that affect nearly every Australian out there? You're turning your back on it. The child support system does not work either. It is unfair and it does not work properly for the Australian people. Think about what you're doing. Listen to the Australian people. They want an investigation into it like the banking royal commission.”

Senator Pauline Hanson 12 Feb 2019


 Said bySenator Pauline Hanson
 TopicProposal to set up a Royal Commission into family law and child support systems
12 Feb 2019ResponseFamily law is a difficult area; We hope parliament will agree to our reforms and our major review is due soon
12 Feb 2019SourceSenate Hansard 12 Feb 2019