Excerpt: I thought Jess Hill wanted to explore an important issue for the Family Court but really she just wanted to attack me and the Court

The backdrop and basis for my acceptance to be interviewed for the ABC Background Briefing program was that I believed that there was a genuine public interest story to be heard in relation to the dilemmas faced by the Family Court. I was asked by the reporter to be interviewed about my role as a single expert for the court. I was pursued for several weeks by the reporter of this program who declared a strong interest in the story behind the comments by Justice Collier, a former highly respected Family Court judge, who on retiring expressed his concern that there was an alarming increase in false allegations in the Family Court.

I accepted the radio interview as there is a conundrum facing the Court and I believed that there was a valid story to be told. I believed that I was being approached to talk about the complexity of the Family Court. The reported interview, unknown to me, was not a conversation about the dilemmas facing the Family Court but rather an attack on my personal role. Accordingly I was surprised and caught unaware about the intention of this radio program. It was only on listening to the program that I became aware that the purpose in fact was to cast aspersions against me and the Family Court.

Dr Christopher Rikard-Bell 13 May 2016


 Said byDr Christopher Rikard-Bell
 TopicMs Jess Hill
14 Jun 2015TopicABC Radio Background Briefing - In the child's best interests
13 May 2016SourceDr Christopher Rikard-Bell parliamentary submission to repudiate criticism