ABC Radio Background Briefing - In the child's best interests
14 Jun 2015


 ParticipantMr John Faulks
 ParticipantProfessor Patrick Parkinson
 ParticipantMs Diana Bryant
 ParticipantDr Carolyn Quadrio
 ParticipantDr Christopher Rikard-Bell
 ReporterMs Jess Hill
14 Jun 2015StatementNo one thinks Parental Alienation Syndrome is a valid concept
14 Jun 2015StatementJudges don't know much about kids and need experts to help them
14 Jun 2015StatementReport writers employed by the family court do not believe in Parental Alienation Syndrome
13 May 2016OpinionThe ABC attacked my integrity as an expert witness and the competence of the Family Court
13 May 2016OpinionI thought Jess Hill wanted to explore an important issue for the Family Court but really she just wanted to attack me and the Court
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