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Dear Phil,

Thanks for taking the time to come back to me.

Sometimes links provided to me by the Parliament do change so I’m pleased you were able to find information of use.

Following your feedback that the hansard links to the Shadow Attorney-General on the two bail bills didn’t work, they have provided me with the following links:

You mentioned that you feel politicians are grandstanding on law and order issues. Obviously you’re free to classify any commentary by any Member of Parliament however you see fit. However I don’t see any grandstanding happening. After witnessing victims of serious crimes breakdown at the trama that they and their loved ones have suffered as a consequence of the actions of some offenders who have no regard for the law or anyone else, I see commentary that is finally standing up for those victims. Many whose lives will never be the same again.

When I attend public safety meetings and residents tell me that they no longer feel safe in their own homes, I see those people finally having a voice now Members of Parliament are demanding action to stop increases in violent crime.

In relation to your specific queries:

  1. I think most people, including myself, would be astounded if someone committed the actions you mentioned in point one and was then free to roam the streets on bail.
  2. No. Members of Parliament are elected to represent the interests of our communities. If a Member of Parliament believes a decision handed down by the judiciary is out of step with community expectations, they are perfectly entitled to outline their concerns at the decision handed down
  3. I don’t have specific information on the matter you refer to other than what’s on the public record
  4. No. I know Matthew Guy would never prejudice a matter before the courts

Once you have had an opportunity to read the above links (which are current as of today) feel free to seek any further information from the Shadow Attorney-General. Johns email address is John.pesutto@parliament.vic.gov.au

Thank you again for taking the time to come back to me on these matters.

Kind regards,


Mr Michael Gidley 5 Nov 2018


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