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Dear Michael,

Thanks for that. I've taken a while to reply in part because the Hansard links you sent me do not work for me.

I went to Hansard myself and found this on the matter of bail decisions:

Mr GUY (Leader of the Opposition) (11:29:31) — My question is to the Premier. Earlier this year Paulo Kele committed an horrific home invasion standing over Indian students, putting a knife to a victim's throat and then stealing their car. Astoundingly he was freed on bail. Hit to walk the streets while the victims, terrified, live in fear of his return following this terrifying attack.

Premier, after four years of government, despite all your tough talk, why are violent offenders like Kele still being let out on bail. How can you ever expect any Victorian to trust a word you utter about safety, when for the last four years you have failed so comprehensively to keep the state safe?


As per our conversation, I am concerned that politicians are grandstanding on law and order issues while measured decisions made by judges are being ignored. I have some questions for you:

  1. Do you agree with Matthew Guy’s assessment that Justice Champion's decision was "astounding"?
  2. Do you have any concerns that Matthew Guy’s comments represent a breach of the separation of powers provisions?
  3. Do you or your leader have information about the Kele matter that allows Mr Guy to stand up in Parliament and assuredly say "Paulo Kele committed [the] home invasion"?
  4. If not, have you any concerns that Mr Guy's comments might prejudice future hearings?

Justice Champion's decision is here:



Phil Bachmann

Mr Phil Bachmann 16 Oct 2018


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