Quote: We're not going to start a new inquiry because we've a major inquiry already due soon and for other reasons

“Family law and child support are complex and challenging areas. The government is committed to ensuring that Australian families have all the support they need. It has proposed reforms to the family courts that are before the Senate to improve outcomes for families. Establishing a royal commission before the government has concluded the reform of the family court system and the Australian Law Reform Commission inquiry into the family law system would not be the best process, as was observed by the Chief Justice of the Family Court. Additionally, the Joint Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs conducted an inquiry into the child support program in 2015 which did not recommend a royal commission but following which the government implemented a number of important recommendations.”

Liberal Party of Australia 12 Feb 2019


 Said byLiberal Party of Australia
 TopicProposal to set up a Royal Commission into family law and child support systems
12 Feb 2019SourceSenate Hansard 12 Feb 2019