Quote: The current review should finish before we have another one. The government should put more money into the system

“Although Labor opposes this motion, Labor is acutely aware of the failings of the family law system and the impact these deficiencies can have on families and children. It is important to acknowledge that mental ill health and family breakdown are complex issues and suicide is always a tragedy. There is currently a major Senate inquiry into the government's proposed Family Court amalgamation, which will report in March, and a comprehensive review of the family law system is also being undertaken by the Australian Law Reform Commission, which will report back to the Australian people in April next year [Editor's note: April this year]. Labor will carefully consider the outcomes of both of these major inquiries before deciding whether a further inquiry, including a royal commission into the family law system, with all the enormous costs and delays that would involve, would assist. In the meantime, Labor will continue to fight for improvements to the family law system, including increased funding for more court registrars, judges and legal assistant services, and capital works for court buildings to make them safer.”

Australian Labor Party 12 Feb 2019


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 TopicProposal to acknowledge family law system's effect on men and get government to do something about it
12 Feb 2019SourceSenate Hansard 12 Feb 2019