Quote: The family law system is unfair on men and the parliament should start an inquiry instead it's doing nothing

“My motion here is about male suicides, especially over Christmas. We've just had the Christmas break. The discriminatory aspects of the Australian family law, which act to separate children from parents and grandparents, actually contribute to the increase. Nothing was done about family law until I actually came back to this parliament and started pushing for something to be done. There are deaths happening in this country because everyone is sitting on their hands and doing nothing about it. You say you're going to put more money into it, but it needs more than just more money put into the whole system. It is unfair, and mostly it's unfair to fathers. It's estimated that about three men are suiciding a day and one woman is murdered a week. We need to do something about this urgently. Don't just sit there and think you feel sympathetic about it. We are the legislators of this country. We need to start really doing something. We need to have a royal commission into the family law court matters and start sorting out the problems. It's not only the children who are affected but also the parents.”

Senator Pauline Hanson 12 Feb 2019


 Said bySenator Pauline Hanson
 TopicProposal to acknowledge family law system's effect on men and get government to do something about it
12 Feb 2019SourceSenate Hansard 12 Feb 2019