Quote: I stopped doing Family Reports after assessing one particularly bitter mother

“The final straw for me was when I assessed a 10-year-old girl who was extremely voluble, friendly and who showed no signs of trauma and described relationship with her father in warm, affectionate terms. By contrast her mother was an extremely tight, rigid and cold woman who sexualised what seemed to me hugs and kisses on his daughter’s cheek. Her rage at her ex-husband was unbounded. However I felt sorry for her and unwisely told her that from my observations of her daughter and her own descriptions of the suspect behaviour I could not accept that this was evidence of inappropriate behaviour. She was very angry and upset.

The following day I received a phone call from her telling her that that very night her daughter told her that when her father kissed her he put his tongue in her mouth. This had never been mentioned before, the timing of it seemed incredible. I completed that report but have not written once since then.”

Dr Michael Epstein 11 Jul 2015


 Said byDr Michael Epstein
11 Jul 2015SourceFamily Court – Psychiatrists Criticised