Quote: The ALRC is using an avalanche of one-sided language to produce a biased output

“Guess how many times in the Discussion Paper of 2 October 2018 words associated with violence appear? Answer: a whopping 1,691 times. These include ‘violent’ and ‘violence’ (954), ‘safe’ and ‘safety’ (337), ‘risk’ (179), ‘abuse’ (151), and ‘trauma’ (70).

Guess how many times words ‘father’, ‘man’ and ‘men’ appear? Answer: 40. This is a low representation of the group. ‘Mother’, ‘women’ and ‘woman’ appear a total of 260 times. ‘Disability’ and ‘disabled’ appear 243 times; ‘Aborigine’ and ‘Aboriginal’ 167 times; and even ‘LGBTI’ and ‘LGBTIQ’ appear 47 times. Why do minority groups with low reproductive outcomes warrant more explicit attention than fathers? Bizarre.”

Andrew Lancaster 12 Nov 2018


 Said byAndrew Lancaster
 TopicALRC Discussion Paper
12 Nov 2018SourceAndrew Lancaster's submission to ALRC review