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23 Feb 2018HearingSenate Hearing Parenting Management Hearings and Family Violence Amendments
23 Feb 2018StatementFamily courts delays have been around for at least 25 years
23 Feb 2018StatementJudges have limited information and cannot make their own inquiries
23 Feb 2018StatementThere is too much reliance on family reports
23 Feb 2018StatementA lot of experts don't want to do family law evaluations
23 Feb 2018StatementLawyers pick experts who will favour their client
23 Feb 2018StatementParents ability to co-parent is destroyed by cross-examination
23 Feb 2018StatementFamily reports are pivotal in deciding cases
23 Feb 2018StatementThe needs of individuals has skewed the family law reporting system
23 Feb 2018StatementFamily report writers would lose their business if they told judges the truth
23 Feb 2018StatementSome family report writers will copy and paste from one report to another to save time
23 Feb 2018StatementReport writers tell judges what they want to hear
23 Feb 2018StatementLawyers choose experts for their particular bias
23 Feb 2018StatementPrivate family reports average $6,000
23 Feb 2018StatementJudges have no credible information on which to base interim decisions
23 Feb 2018StatementInterim decisions are made without hearing directly from the people involved
23 Feb 2018StatementFamily law courts excessive workload engenders a cookie-cutter approach
23 Feb 2018StatementJudges seldom get to hear directly from parents to see whether they have been lying
23 Feb 2018StatementLawyers need to provide deceptive documents to family courts if they want to keep their jobs
23 Feb 2018StatementLawyers only apply superficial solutions
23 Feb 2018StatementMany private family report writers don't see through a family violence lens
23 Feb 2018StatementPeople become private family report writers for reasons unrelated to the nature of the job
23 Feb 2018StatementFamily reports in Melbourne are done by a select group of insiders
23 Feb 2018StatementFamily law's systemic flaws arose accidentally rather than deliberately and maliciously