Senator Amanda Stoker

Senator for Queensland

I’m a wife to Adam and mum of 3 girls, a barrister and former criminal prosecutor. I’ve taught in Central Queensland University’s faculty of Business and Law, run my own business, and worked in the public and private sectors. Brisbane is home, but I love every corner of Queensland, and the sincere, hard working people who inhabit our great State. I was chosen by the Liberal National Party to represent it and the people of Queensland in the Senate in March 2018.
My beliefs are conservative, and I care deeply about the fundamental freedoms on which our society depends: freedom of speech, association and religion. I’ve been fighting against political correctness and the toxic impacts of identity politics in every day of this job. I’m a Federalist, and believe in decentralisation of power, population and economic development. I want to see government that delivers greater freedom and choice for families, and believe that small government is important to achieving this aim. Fundamentally, I want to see an Australia in which there is genuine equality of opportunity, and reward for effort for those who work hard and contribute to this country. As the PM puts it, if you have a go, you should get a go.


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