Senator Derryn Hinch

Justice Party Senator

Thirty years ago, broadcaster Derryn Hinch went to jail for naming a paedophile priest, a convicted child rapist, still running a camp for kids in Victoria. A dramatic measure he felt necessary to take when the police, politicians and church leaders refused to take action to protect the children.

Since then - through radio, TV, his internet blog and social media -- he has become a lightning rod for victims and their families.

He wore an electronic bracelet and spent five months under house arrest in 2012 for breaching suppression orders, naming two of Australia's worst serial sex offenders, at a rally on the steps of Victoria's Parliament House.

And, in 2014, he spent 50 days in jail - including two weeks in solitary confinement -- for published comments about the Jill Meagher rape/murder case.

Derryn Hinch is a man of the people who stands up for what is right and just, no matter the cost.


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