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Dear Dr Peterson,

On 24 Feb 2019, I wrote you a letter, published it on my website, and invited you to comment on it. I informed you of my letter via the discussion board attached to a blog post of yours.

A couple of weeks later I visited your blog post and found that all the comments attached to it had been deleted. I checked your other blog posts and found comments related to your other posts were still there.

It is your website, of course, and you can do what you like with it. However, it would assist me if you made the comment rules clear beforehand. For example, if you want to block people from embedding links to third-party sites on your discussion board, just say so. Or, if you reserve the right to delete any and all comments without warning and without reason, just say so.

Every respectable newspaper does this. Why can't you?

Yours faithfully,

Phil Bachmann

Mr Phil Bachmann 11 Mar 2019


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24 Feb 2019LetterBeyond Yes and No